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  • Mar 15 Orthodontist Near Me

    Searching for orthodontist near me Are you looking for an orthodontist near Union City GA to assist with your family's dental needs  Look no further then Smile Studio Orthodontics We specialize in providing the best orthodontic care to our patients in a friendly environment and state of the art facility Orthodontist Near Me Union City GA Affordable Orthodontics Near You   If you are looking for an orthodontist for you or a...  Read More

  • Jul 12 The Best Orthodontist in Morrow GA

    Dr Leroy Venn is the best orthodontist in Morrow GA! He and his team at Alanta Smile Studio treat each patient as an individual We evaluate each patient’s condition and work together to determine the most appropriate form of treatment We know that braces can be expensive and are very often a necessity, so we do our best to accommodate our patients to minimize the stress affiliated with orthodontic work Braces are the most common form...  Read More

  • Mar 29 Why Should My Child See An Orthodontist?

    Dr Leroy Venn is the top professional orthodontist near Riverdale, GA with Atlanta Smile Studio We know that a thorough dental evaluation will reveal how your child’s teeth and mouth are growing To evaluate how a child’s teeth are developing, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that every child get an examination with either a dentist or orthodontist by age 7 There are many reasons why you should have a dentist...  Read More

  • Feb 08 How Does an Orthodontist Differ From a Dentist?

    Dr Leroy Venn of Atlanta Smile Studio has some tips to help patients in the 30250 zip code area to distinguish between a dentist and an orthodontist The difference between an orthodontist and a dentist may be indistinguishable to some people Something that many folks don’t know is that all orthodontists can be dentists, but not all dentists can be orthodontists They are both certified oral health care professionals, treat and maintain the...  Read More