Permanent Retainer (Bonded Retainer, Lingual Retainer) in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

Permanent retainers are a convenient retainer option that helps keep the teeth in place. Smile Studios Orthodontics offers permanent retainers to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia who have completed their braces treatment. We have locations in Fairburn, Lovejoy, Hiram, and Carollton.

What is a Permanent Retainer?

Permanent Retainer (Bonded Retainer, Lingual Retainer) in Atlanta & Marietta, GAA permanent retainer, or bonded retainer, is a retainer that is cemented into the mouth. It is attached to the teeth in a similar way to braces, offering a secure, lasting fit. A permanent retainer will be placed on the teeth after braces are removed to ensure that the teeth remain in their corrected position.

Will My Permanent Retainer Ever Be Removed?

A permanent retainer is designed to be worn for many years to secure the position of the teeth. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove and replace it after years of use. Patients may also choose to remove it after a few years, although it is possible that the teeth will shift after it is taken off.

Will My Permanent Retainer Be Visible?

A permanent retainer is also called a lingual retainer due to its position behind the teeth. Unlike braces, your permanent retainer will not be visible on the front of the teeth. Your retainer may be visible when you open your mouth, but it is discreet enough to leave your smile unaffected.

At Smile Studios Orthodontics, we offer permanent retainers and other orthodontic services to residents of Marietta, Atlanta, and the nearby cities of Georgia. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation at one of our practices in Fairburn, Lovejoy, Hiram, and Carollton, GA.