First Days with Braces

Braces can be a big change for some patients, as it limits the foods you can eat and how you perform your normal activities. Smile Studios Orthodontics is here to help make sure your first few days with braces go as smoothly as possible. We offer braces treatments at our offices in Lovejoy, Fairburn and Powder Springs, where we welcome patients from Atlanta, Marietta, and the nearby areas of Georgia.

How Will My Mouth Feel After Getting Braces?

First Days with BracesAfter getting your braces put on, you will probably experience soreness in your mouth for several days. This can make it difficult to eat, especially if the foods you are eating are not soft. Until your soreness fades, it can help to seek out softer food choices. Mashed potatoes, yogurt, smoothies, and applesauce are all great options while your mouth is sore. Rinsing your mouth with a warm saltwater solution can help to reduce some of the soreness, as can pain relievers. Some patients may also feel like their braces are cutting into or otherwise irritating their cheeks or tongue. If this is the case, you can apply wax to the parts of your braces that are poking your mouth for relief.

What Can I Eat?

Making the correct food choices is one of the most important adjustments for patients who are beginning a braces treatment. Hard, crunchy, sticky, and chewy foods can pose a threat to your braces. These foods can easily damage the braces, injuring your mouth and extending your braces treatment. They can also get stuck in the braces easily, which will make it difficult to keep your teeth clean. To learn more about what you should and shouldn’t be eating with braces, visit our page on foods to avoid.

How Should I Care for My Braces?

Maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits is especially important during a braces treatment. Unfortunately, the wires and brackets can make cleaning your teeth tougher than it used to be. Be sure to brush thoroughly around all parts of your braces, especially where food can get caught. We will also provide you with floss threaders to make flossing around your braces easier. 

How Will Braces Impact My Daily Activities?

Outside of adjusting your eating habits, braces should have a minimal impact on your daily life. You will still be able to play sports, play instruments, and do everything else you would normally do. However, it is important to protect your teeth, your braces, and the rest of your mouth by wearing a mouthguard during sporting activities. Injuries to the mouth can damage your braces, extending the length of your treatment.

If you have any questions regarding your new braces, please contact us today. Smile Studios Orthodontics offers braces and other effective orthodontic services to patients of all ages in Marietta, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. We operate out of three convenient locations in Fairburn, Lovejoy and Powder Springs, GA.