Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is especially important during a braces treatment, as food can easily get caught in and around your braces appliance. At Smile Studios Orthodontics, patients in Atlanta, Marietta and the neighboring areas of Georgia can find convenient, consistent care at our office locations in Lovejoy, Powder Springs and Fairburn.

Brushing Your Teeth with Braces

Oral HygieneBrushing your teeth with braces can be difficult because of the presence of wires and brackets. These appliances make it easier for food to get caught in the teeth, so brushing is more important than ever during a braces treatment. In order to keep your mouth healthy, you will have to brush thoroughly around all parts of your braces. The best way to do this is by brushing at a 45-degree angle, starting at the gum line. Once you cover the gum line, use the same angle to brush the top and bottom sides of your brackets. Angle the toothbrush upwards while cleaning the bottom of your brackets to ensure you get every spot. By following these rules, you’ll cover the entire surface of the tooth while also removing food from the areas where it is likely to get stuck.

Flossing Your Teeth with Braces

Flossing can be even more difficult than brushing with braces, as the wires make it tough to reach between the teeth. Fortunately, floss threaders make this job much easier. You simply attach your floss to the threader, then feed it between the teeth. Then, you can grab the floss from the other side and floss like you normally would. Remember, flossing is incredibly important during your braces treatment, so you can’t skip it just because it is difficult!

If you have any questions regarding oral hygiene and your braces treatment, contact us today. Smile Studios Orthodontics offers braces treatments to residents of Marietta, Atlanta and the nearby areas of Georgia. We operate out of locations in Lovejoy, Fairburn and Powder Springs, GA.