Emergency Info & Care

In some cases, patients may experience discomfort or other issues due to their braces. These tips can help you manage any minor problems until you are able to make it into your next appointment. Smile Studios Orthodontics serves residents of Atlanta, Marietta and the neighboring areas of Georgia from our locations in Lovejoy, Powder Springs, and Fairburn.

What is Emergency Care?

Emergency Info & CareBraces are made up of many parts, which can occasionally come loose. By eating the proper foods, wearing mouth protection and taking other precautions, you can minimize the chances of any damage occurring to your braces. In the event that damage does occur to your braces, you may experience some discomfort due to loose or broken pieces. In most of these cases, you can manage the issue until you come in for your next appointment. Still, if you experience any significant damage to your appliance, you should contact our office to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

What if a Wire is Poking Me?

The wires of braces can sometimes come loose, and may cause discomfort after a tightening or for those new to braces. To prevent cutting your fingers, you can use a pencil eraser to push the wire to a more comfortable position. Alternatively, you can put wax on the end of the wire to prevent it from poking you.

What if My Bracket or Band is Loose?

If your bracket or band comes loose, it will have to be reattached at your next appointment. If it is still attached to the wire, you can put wax on the bracket or band to keep it in place until then. If it has been detached from the the wire, remove it from your mouth and place it somewhere safe so you can bring it in for reattachment.

What if My Wire is Loose?

If your wire is loose, you may be able to put it back into place using a pair of tweezers. If this doesn’t help, it is best to place wax on the loose wire to keep it from moving and irritating the mouth until your next appointment. If the wire is especially troublesome, you can snap it off using a pair of fingernail clippers, and we will replace the wire at your next appointment.

What if My Headgear Doesn’t Fit?

Your headgear should fit properly unless it has been damaged since your appointment. If it is not fitting, you may need to refer to the instructions we provided you with regarding your headgear use. In many cases, patients have no problem regarding the fit of their headgear, except that it tends to be uncomfortable. It is important to remember that your headgear will become more comfortable the more it is worn, so be sure to wear it for the prescribed amount of time. If any part of the headgear is bent or damaged, you’ll have to contact our office for an appointment to get it repaired. 

What if My Mouth is Sore?

Mouth soreness is a common effect of braces and other orthodontic treatment. Patients may experience soreness as their teeth or jaw shifts in response to treatment, which can make it difficult to eat after receiving your braces or getting them tightened. Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater can help eliminate some of this soreness. You can also use pain relief medication as you would for a headache or other soreness. The soreness typically only lasts for a few days, so the easiest thing to do may be to stick to softer foods until soreness fades.

If you have any questions regarding emergency care or need to schedule an appointment regarding a damaged appliance, contact us today. At Smile Studios Orthodontics, we welcome patients from Atlanta, Marietta, and the nearby areas of Georgia. We are proud to serve patients at our convenient locations in Fairburn, Powder Springs, and Lovejoy.