Laser Gingivectomy in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

Laser gingivectomy is a modern technique that allows the removal of diseased gum tissue from around the teeth. Dr. Venn at Smile Studio Orthodontics provides laser gingivectomy services to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. This treatment is available at our offices in Fairburn, Lovejoy, Hiram, and Carollton.

What is Laser Gingivectomy?

Laser Gingivectomy in Atlanta & Marietta, GALaser gingivectomy is a procedure that safely removes a portion of infected gums near a specific tooth or a group of teeth to prevent further disease. In some cases, this is a good option for patients who have inflamed gums that does not respond to other treatments, such as antibiotics or antiseptic rinses. 

A laser gingivectomy can also be performed to cosmetically alter a tooth or group of teeth so that they look taller or wider, as well as helping to correct a gummy smile.

How Much Does Laser Gingivectomy Treatment Cost?

The cost of a laser gingivectomy procedure will largely depend on the extent of treatment necessary, which varies significantly between patients. However, the cost of treatment can be made more affordable with dental insurance or dental financing.

How is Laser Gingivectomy Administered?

First, a topical anesthesia is administered near the gums to keep the patient relaxed and comfortable. During treatment, a low-frequency laser is used to carefully and cautiously remove diseased gum tissue from around or between the teeth. Dr. Venn prefers using a laser to help minimize bleeding, pain and irritation or discomfort during the procedure. A laser gingivectomy also helps to increase the speed of healing and reduce the risk for infection compared to surgical gingivectomy.

When Will I Notice Results from My Laser Gingivectomy?

The results from a laser gingivectomy are noticeable soon after treatment. Patients may experience minor irritation or soreness in the gums, which can be addressed with over-the-counter pain medications. Additionally, Dr. Venn will provide instructions on any food restrictions and recommended oral hygiene procedures following the procedure.

Are My Laser Gingivectomy Results Permanent?

The results from laser gingivectomy will last as long as healthy oral hygiene habits are maintained. Brushing two or three times daily, flossing daily and rinsing with mouthwash can help prevent the buildup of plaque, which causes gum disease.

From an aesthetic perspective, laser gingivectomy can improve the look of a gummy smile and make teeth less noticeable. If further treatment is needed, Dr. Venn can advise the best options on an individual basis.

To learn more about the teeth whitening treatment or to schedule your consultation, contact us today at Smile Studios Orthodontics. We are proud to offer this and other orthodontic services to residents of Atlanta, Marietta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia. We have convenient office locations in Fairburn, Lovejoy, Hiram, and Carollton.