How much do braces cost (or Invisalign)…and how to budget for them!

Every day we are asked “Just how much do braces cost?”.

The answer is… “That depends”.

Every patient has different needs and we customize their treatment exactly to those needs.

Here in Fairburn, Lovejoy and Powder Springs we at Atlanta Smile Studio help our patients decide on orthodontic treatments that will be right for them. This includes making them affordable.

Some adults might hesitate to wear braces because they fear the cost of the treatment. They would love to be able to improve themselves by making a big, positive difference to their smile. Self-confidence can be improved a lot with a better smile. Every day we are helping patients discover how affordable adult braces are.

Adults sometimes hesitate to wear braces because they worry about how it looks or how long the treatment is. Much like any other self-improvement process, like going to the gym, it takes some time for results to be seen. Adult braces have well known results. It takes a some time, but an incredible smile is well worth it.

Therefore, most adults use Invisalign. This Invisalign is a system of clear, customized aligners that straighten your teeth even faster than traditional braces. You come into the office fewer times and the treatment is completed sooner. And since they are invisible nobody knows you are wearing them.

Your treatment costs will depend on the severity of the problems.

  • You will receive a full exam which will result in a treatment plan. We will use that plan to determine what your costs will be, before any treatment begins.

  • Bring your insurance. Bring everything. We will submit the paperwork to your insurance company and manage the whole process with them, but we require the information.

  • Insurance companies make agreements with each other. If you have more than one policy bring all of that information. We will help co-ordinate your coverage.

  • If you pay in full before your treatment begins we will give you a discount. This only needs to be the portion your insurance would not pay.

  • There are limits. Lifetime limits and procedural limits exist with different policies. We will find out what limits apply to your situation.

  • We accept Visa and Mastercard.

  • Your HSA account can provide extra funds if your insurance limits or maximums are reached. A Health Savings Account is an excellent resource for federally tax free money. You can use it for your orthodontics. Check to see what your balance is and use it all up! You can’t get that money back and it doesn’t roll over to next year.

  • Do not assume anything. Your insurance coverage may be better or worse than you think. Orthodontic coverage is different than typical dental coverage.

  • If there is a balance leftover, after your insurance has paid, we will work with you to make a payment plan over several months so you can have the affordable braces your smile deserves.

Here at Atlanta Smile Studio we will determine a treatment plan customized for you, then determine your insurance coverage. We make adult braces in Atlanta, at our Fairburn, Lovejoy and Powder Springs offices affordable. We are here to make sure that you can have that smile of your dreams!