why more adults are getting braces and invisalign

Why More Adults Are Getting Braces And Invisalign

Where Can I Find Braces For Adults And Invisalign Near Me?

Our team at Smile Studio Orthodontics specializes in providing orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages. As a leading orthodontist in Powder Springs GA, Dr. Venn has the knowledge and experience to correct many common orthodontic issues at an affordable cost.

Are Braces And Invisalign For Adults?

Dr. Venn provides orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages from children to seniors. Due to the advancements in modern technology, braces and Invisalign are more discreet and comfortable than ever before. It is never too late for a healthier, beautiful smile.

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

Both braces and Invisalign are used to achieve the same results – straighter teeth and a healthier smile. Each option offers its own set of advantages that appeal to different patients depending on their current condition, lifestyle, and treatment goals.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign offers unique advantages that aren’t available with any other form of orthodontic treatment. These benefits include being:


why more adults are getting braces and invisalign Invisalign is the clear choice in orthodontic treatment, remaining virtually invisible so no one has to know. This allows adults to continue living their normal daily lifestyles, while  receiving the benefits of orthodontic treatment. 


Clear aligners are not only undetectable while being worn, they are also removable! This feature allows patients to continue eating their favorite foods throughout treatment. Invisalign offers the positive effects of braces without interfering with your appearance, diet, or extracurricular activities.


Invisalign is custom-made for a secure fit and is designed for maximum comfort. Clear aligners are made of smooth plastic known as SmartTrack material instead of the stainless steel to reduce irritation.

Finding Out Why More Adults Are Getting Braces And Invisalign

In conclusion, Dr. Venn and our team at Smile Studio Orthodontics are experts in orthodontic treatment for adults. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding braces or Invisalign in Powder Springs GA, Hiram GA, Mableton GA, and Dallas GA. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Call now 770-892-3833.

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