Treatment with Invisalign 30250

Treatment with Invisalign 30250

What’s all the fuss about Invisalign?

If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment in the 30250 zip code area, you’ve probably heard about treatment with Invisalign. But what’s the big deal about Invisalign treatment? The team at Atlanta Smile Studio is here to explain why treatment with Invisalign has become so popular in the 30250 area.

What are the benefits of treatment with Invisalign?

  • Invisible: treatment with Invisalign is composed of a series of clear, plastic aligner trays that are virtually invisible to those around you. This way, you have more confidence to smile not only after your treatment, but during it as well.
  • Comfortable: Due to the absence of wires and brackets, Invisalign aligner trays are very comfortable. Your trays will be changed every few weeks (exact intervals dependent upon your precise diagnosis from Dr. Venn at Atlanta Smile Studio), and each new set will gradually shift your teeth to the desired alignment. No painful process – you can continue through your treatment without pain holding you back.
  • Removable: The trays are completely removable, so the course of your everyday life can stay exactly as it’s always been. Since you can remove your Invisalign clear aligners, you can still eat your favorite foods, maintain oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, and even participate in sports without fear of cutting your mouth on a bracket!

Still not convinced? Set up a consultation with Dr. Venn at Atlanta Smile Studio in the 30250 area, and let the experts explain why Invisalign is the most popular form of teeth-aligning treatment. Contact Atlanta Smile Studio today at: 770-892-3833

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