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  • Jul 26 Braces in Hiram GA

    Choosing to pursue orthodontic treatment in the form of braces in Hiram GA can be daunting decision Dr Leroy Venn and the team at Atlanta Smile Studio create a comfortable environment and pleasant experience for their patients, which makes the decision a lot easier! Each patient is evaluated as an individual in order to determine the best course of treatment, which depends on the type and severity of their condition Braces in Hiram GA Braces...  Read More

  • Jun 15 Braces Cobb County GA

    If you're looking for an orthodontist to provide braces in Cobb County, GA, you've come to the right place The team at Atlanta Smile Studio is dedicated to ensuring your orthodontic experience is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible What Types of Braces Are Available At Atlanta Smile Studio, we understand that every case is different and everyone has different priorities for their orthodontic treatment That's why we offer several types...  Read More

  • Jun 15 Affordable Braces near Mableton, GA

      As an effective way to improve looks, comfort and health with one treatment, braces are a smart investment for patients of all ages Different types of braces, with a variety of advantages in a number of areas, are available to patients who want a healthy bite and straight teeth Before getting orthodontics, patients can discuss their options with Dr Venn to ensure that they will be happy with their treatment and results Here is more...  Read More