No Age Limit When it Comes to Braces

Orthodontics in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

Adults who are considering orthodontic treatment with braces near Riverdale, GA are finding that the patients of Dr. Leroy Venn and the team at Atlanta Smile Studio have more positive treatment experiences and more successful outcomes

A concern for adults considering orthodontic treatment with braces is that their treatment will not fit into their otherwise busy schedules, and that orthodontic care will become a burden. Adult patients of Dr. Leroy Venn and the team at Atlanta Smile Studio are advised to follow these simple steps to minimize their efforts and to maximize the successful outcome of their treatment with braces.


  • Pick a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle. The first step in ensuring that your orthodontic treatment goes well is selecting a treatment plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Adult patients of Dr. Leroy Venn and the team at Atlanta Smile Studio are able to explore the many treatment options available to them including traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign clear aligners.
  • Know the care requirements of each treatment option. Dr. Leroy Venn will meet with you and discuss in more detail the benefits and drawbacks of each system to help you determine what option is right for you. Clear braces sometimes require more careful care, as they are easier to stain and break. Invisalign is removable and easy to clean. But, if you are extremely busy and tend to lose things, the removable nature of Invisalign makes it easy to misplace or forget.
  • Keep your adjustment appointments. Any setback or delay in treatment, even if it is a small one, may compromise the timing of your treatment. During these appointments, Dr. Leroy Venn will check on your progress and make any adjustments to your appliance that are needed to keep your teeth moving correctly. Conscientious adherence to adjustment schedules will ensure that your treatment will always be progressing on schedule, and you may even finish your orthodontic treatments earlier.
  • Use appliances as directed. Sometimes appliances like rubber bands or retainers will need to be employed during your treatment. Dr. Leroy Venn recommends to his patients to always wear these appliances exactly as directed and to make wearing them part of their daily routine. Reserve some time daily (at the same time, perhaps after lunch or right when you wake up) to care for your braces and appliances properly, so that eventually it feels second nature. A consistent daily regimen of care, following the directions appropriate for your treatment, will help relieve the stress of worrying about tending to your orthodontics.

Dr. Leroy Venn and the team at Atlanta Smile Studio are the experts in adult orthodontics near Riverdale, GA. If you have any questions about traditional braces, clear braces, or Invisalign clear aligners, or if would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Leroy Venn, contact Atlanta Smile Studio at: 770.892.3833

What You Need to Know Before Choosing Braces

Braces (Traditional Braces) in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

Many people believe that planning for and getting braces is a lot of work. They aren’t wrong – after all, there are several steps that one must go  through to begin the treatment process with braces. The first step is to call us at Atlanta Smile Studio near College Park, GA, where Dr. Leroy Venn and his team to set you up with your initial consultation. Then, Dr. Leroy Venn will then be able to develop the proper treatment plan personalized just for you. Finally, you’d be able to know what treatment options are available for you, and be ready for the next part of the braces treatment process.

Once your braces are set on your teeth, you’re one step closer to that straighter, beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of. Although this may seem like the end of the treatment, just getting your new set of braces on is only the beginning. What Dr. Leroy Venn realizes is what many patients don’t really know is that this isn’t the only work involved in orthodontic braces treatment. The bulk of the time and care associated with orthodontic braces comes after they are already on! But what Dr. Leroy Venn is here to say is not to worry, because we’re able to make it as quick and easy of a process possible for your specific case.

If you’re someone who is thinking about getting braces near College Park, GA, the idea of a life with braces only seems tough and scary. That is why Atlanta Smile Studio wants to let you know a little bit more about life with braces before you choose your treatment. This way you’ll be better prepared to take on the life with braces, all while still enjoying the rest of your day-to-day lifestyle.

Braces Can Sometimes Bring Pain:

Traditional braces are made of metal that consist of many small parts such as wires and brackets. Because of this, you may experience trouble with your braces such as a loose bracket or wire. If your system seems to cause you pain apart from the normal discomfort of jaw or misalignment movement, you need not worry. The solution is simple – apply soft wax to the area that is bothering you, and come into Atlanta Smile Studio as soon as possible. Dr. Leroy Venn will be able to fix the broken part so that your braces will work properly for you to continue a comfortable day-to-day routine with braces near College Park, GA.

Braces Can Sometimes Trap Food:

Additionally, braces can trap food in and around the teeth. Regardless of what you’re eating, the location of your braces will cause some remnants to get stuck. So, it is especially important that your brush well while living with braces near College Park, GA. Dr. Leroy Venn suggests brushing after every meal, before bed, and when you wake up to ensure that you do not damage your teeth permanently. Furthermore, it is crucial that you floss well during treatment. You may want to purchase a braces-friendly flosser, such as a waterpik, which will help to eliminate excess food between your brackets and wire while still being easy on both your teeth and braces.

Some Foods Should be Avoided with Braces:

Dr. Leroy Venn also suggests that you avoid some foods while living with your braces near College Park, GA. Some commonly known foods to avoid include gum, popcorn, and bagels. However, Atlanta Smile Studio can provide you with a detailed list of foods that could be detrimental to the braces, which you should avoid. It is important to be diligent in following these guidelines because you do not want to risk damaging your braces, your teeth, or your overall health.

Lastly, it is also important to remember not to stress too much! Eventually, caring for your braces will become second nature, and adjusting to your new lifestyle will be easy. So easy in fact, that you may continue to be careful about brushing and flossing once the braces come off (which Dr. Leroy Venn recommends)!

Don’t worry, because if you’re thinking about getting braces from Atlanta Smile Studio, you’re making the right decision. If you have any questions while caring for your braces, feel free to contact Atlanta Smile Studio near College Park, GA at 770.892.3833 today!

When Will I Get My Braces Off?

Braces (Traditional Braces) in Atlanta & Marietta, GA

Many people are concerned about the length of orthodontic treatment, and want to learn how to quicken their treatment. It is true that orthodontic treatment is often a long, time consuming process. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, treating a mild or severe case, orthodontic care takes some time to get it just right. Every patient’s treatment length will vary, and most patients are eager to complete their treatment and begin living life with a beautiful smile. Luckily, Dr. Leroy Venn of Atlanta Smile Studio says there are some steps you can take to keep your orthodontic treatment running on schedule and get an even faster result. And you’ll be on track to get your braces off near Tyrone, GA fast!

  1. Maintain Good Oral Health: First, it is extremely important to maintain good oral health. After all, straightening teeth is only one part of the battle – keeping teeth from decaying or developing plaque is extremely important and key to protecting your oral health. Having braces near Tyrone, GA makes brushing and flossing a bit more difficult, but very necessary to keeping your treatment on track. Dr. Leroy Venn recommends brushing your teeth after every meal, before bed, and once you wake up. Additionally, it is important to floss as often as you can, using regular floss or super floss, to make sure that all food remnants are gone from on and around the teeth. The team at Atlanta Smile Studio suggests packing a braces-hygiene kit and bringing it with you every time you go out. Your kit should have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. This way, you will never have to worry about your oral health slowing down your orthodontic treatment process.
  2. Listen to your Orthodontist: Secondly, be sure to always listen to your orthodontist. There are many adjustments patients must make when they get braces near Tyrone, GA, and sometimes many of the new rules may seem hard to follow. However, Dr. Leroy Venn wants to remind you how important it is that you listen to rules. One of the most important rules is avoiding hard and sticky foods, as these can hinder your treatment. If a food is especially hard or sticky, it can possibly break a bracket, wire, etc., and potentially extend treatment time. Additionally, many patients tend to need orthodontic appliances that assist with their braces treatment. These appliances are things like rubber bands, which help to move the teeth to the right position. Use these appliances exactly as they are directed, or treatment time will be longer.
  3. See your Orthodontist with Any Problems: Third, understand that accidents do happen, but it is extremely important to seek care for them immediately, as any problem that goes untreated will most likely produce a delay in treatment. Braces are made of delicate brackets and archwires, and they can pop free or snap from eating hard and sticky foods. If for some reason your braces do break, don’t panic. First, Dr. Leroy Venn recommends placing wax on any area that is causing you discomfort, and then contacting Atlanta Smile Studio as soon as possible! You should come in so the damages can be repaired, keeping your braces functioning properly and avoiding any delays. Dr. Leroy Venn also recommends that any patients that play sports wear mouthguards to avoid accidents. Whenever you are playing, wear a mouthguard so that your braces are not exposed to any pressure or hits. This will keep all the parts in the right places and keep you on track to get your braces off as soon as possible!
  4. Follow your Schedule: Lastly, follow a strict schedule with your orthodontist. Throughout your orthodontic treatment, you will need to come into the office for checkups, adjustments, and more. The Atlanta Smile Studio team will work with you to make appointments on dates and times that are best for you, so it is important that you do attend each and every one of them. We understand that our patients near Tyrone, GA have busy schedules, and are sometimes unable to make it. If this is the case, be sure to let us know as soon as you can, and create a new appointment right away, as staying consistent and on time with your appointments is just another important step in making sure that your treatment runs smoothly and efficiently.

By following these simple steps, patients can do their part to speed up their treatment time wearing braces and get that beautiful smile you’ve been anxiously awaiting! If you have any questions about these steps, or are looking for the best orthodontist to help you achieve your goal, feel free to contact Atlanta Smile Studio near Tyrone, GA today at 770.892.3833!